It would be nice to explain what eco-friendly means so that as we proceed in this article, you will get a clearer picture of what we want to achieve. At the end of the article, you will be able to learn a number of ways through which you can make your playground eco-friendly or convert the existing traditional one into eco-friendly type.


What Is Eco-Friendly?


This means something that is not harmful to the environment or people around it. Something that doesn’t give allergy to people that comes in contact with it. It doesn’t constitute any form of pollution, both air, and water. That means it is safe both for the environment and the people in the environment.


What Is Eco-Friendly Playground Equipment?


This is the kind of equipment made from materials that had been recycled. It does not contain any toxin, hence not harmful to the environment and human life. Instead of deteriorating the environment and human that use it, it promotes both of them. Please click for more information.

Things That Can Be Used To Make Playground Eco-Friendly


Below are listed some of the things that can be used on a playground to make it eco-friendly:


Plastics that had been recycled.


Wood fibers that had been recovered


Tires that had been recycled


Tablets of wood


Recycled aluminum


Things To Consider Before Choosing


As you check the things needed, there is also need to consider some things before taking the final decision of going eco-friendly. There are two major things to consider:


Space: There is need to consider if the space available will be enough. Check how the materials intended to use is. Can they comfortably fit into the space available? All these are what you need to check so that it will guide you in choosing the type of material to get.


Pocket: Also consider your pocket. Is it what you can afford? Are there other smaller options that are close to the options you intend to go for? These questions will guide you in choosing the right one that will not tear your pocket. Once in a while, the playground would need renovation and restructuring especially when the kids are on holidays. This is essential so that any part that is getting old can be changed in order to avoid injuries during play. Before you start carrying out renovation, there are some specific instructions that need to be followed.



Instructions To Be Followed During Renovation



Safety Should Be The First Thing In Mind


If safety is not considered first, there is going to be a lot of casualties on the playground. A lot had been recorded in the past even death. The casualties range from the neck injury to broken heads. So it is of paramount interest that the people renovating checks the safety rules and regulations before they start their work. The first thing to check is the surface of the playground. It should be done in such a way that even if there is a fall, there won't be a serious or permanent injury. Recycled rubber and wood fiber are always best for the surfaces. Another determining factor in choosing the surface is the age bracket of kids that would be coming to play there. The surface for those that are less than 5 years shouldn’t be the same for those kids above 5 years. This is because the kind of exercise their muscles need differs.


Don’t Go For Toxic Materials


There is one habit that is very difficult to stop kids from exhibiting and that is licking objects they come across. They can lick anything that comes their way and the playing equipment is not left out. So this has to be put into consideration too. Toxic materials shouldn't be used in construction or renovation of playgrounds. This is because children can lick the equipment and swallow the toxins which can be harmful to their health. Chemicals like Polyvinyl Chloride and Volatile Organic compounds are very dangerous to health and shouldn't be used at all on any equipment being used for the playgrounds.

Go For The Best Quality


Quality is always the watchword when you are considering building a playground. Quality is what guarantees safety, especially for kids. Don’t go for substandard products; rather go for those products that have been certified ok by organizations in charge of goods and products. It is the quality that determines how long an equipment can last and how safe it will be when children are playing with it.


Consider Power Generation and Water Supply


These are two important things to consider too. If there is provision for lighting systems in the playground, it would be nice to make use of solar to power the lights. It is also wise to make provision for water flow.


Make Provision For Future Maintenance


It is nice to also put this into consideration. After constructing a playground, definitely, a time will come when it will need renovation, so it is good to plan ahead. And always remember to go for the best because that is what saves cost and make the playground last better. I believe I have been able to extensively show how to build a playground and make it eco-friendly. The main reason is that when it is made eco-friendly, it saves both the environment and the kids that play there.

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